• QUAVAC India Foundation, mainly works on the sectors namely,

          • Agriculture
          • Healthcare
          • Education
          • Water
          • Sanitation
          • Renewable Energy
          • Solid Waste Management

    QIF is a Lab for sustainable livelihoods, enhancing people’s wellness through knowledge, creation and leading actions. Our aim is to develop solutions to eliminate inequities and create wealth to the needy people. We believe that private sector plays a major role in achieving this in collaboration with the civil society and governmental support.

    In order to achieve this, we develop market driven models of development building on community strength and promote a culture of entrepreneurship or self sustainability.

    QIF work across levels and we design innovative solutions, collaborate and educate with partners to implement, improve their efficiency, obtain evidences and share the knowledge across the partners to make meaningful engagement for shaping the policies for sustainable growth.

    QIF works directly with Communities, Networks individuals working on livelihood promotions, Engages in national and international policy level.

    QIF is a resource centre and lab works with,

        • International, National and State level Government and Non-Government Agencies
          • Multi lateral and Bi-lateral Agencies
          • Community Based Organizations
          • Micro Finance Institutions
          • Small and Medium Enterprises
          • Corporate

    QUAVAC core team is drawn from management, agriculture, social work, and has research, technical, monitoring & evaluation, supply chain, policy making and training skills.

    QUAVAC India Foundation for Research and Sustainable Development is incorporated as a trust, is based in Bangalore, Karnataka India.

  • 1. Agriculture & Horticulture
    QIF provides hands on training to farmers in the latest agronomical practices to reduce the cost of cultivation, increasing yield and thereby better revenue

    2. Education
    QIF has expertise in providing improving the school infrastructure, library maintenance and latest educational tools

    3. Health
    QIF focuses on child health, addressing mal-nutrition, support anti-tobacco and anti- cancer campaigns, eye-care activities

    4. Water
    QIF provides technology services for water ATM, water purification especially plant based water purification system called SALVITAE.

    5. Sanitation
    QIF provides technology services in eco toilets, public health campaigns on sanitation

    6. Energy and Environment
    QIF provides clean energy technology services on electric auto, energy storage solutions and micro grids

  • December 2019 Facilitated creating farmer network of 500 farmers in Ram Nagara, Karnataka under Millet cultivation setting up the supply chain

    June 2018 Facilitated creating farmer network of 500 farmers in Dharwad, Karnataka under sweet potato cultivation setting up the supply chain

    August 2017 QIF forms part of a consortium led by TNO, Eaton, Neo BV, and HEC to implement a project on Micro Grids in India funded by European Space Agency

    March 2017 TNO has engaged QIF to commence the plant based water purification system to conduct research, develop prototype, and market research

    July 2016 Food Tech India Programme lead by Larive Internatioinal has entered into an agreement with QIF to implement Greenhouse cultivation of crops like Capsicum, Cucumber etc. in Karnataka, India

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